Speaker presentation | Ioana Galleron

We have the pleasure to announce the presence of Ioana Galleron for the Winter School Session 06 Open Data Citation Case Studies



Ioana Galleron is a Senior lecturer in French language and literature. Her research interests are the French theater of the 17th and 18th century, as well as the evaluation of research in the SSH. She is involved in several projects of electronic edition of plays (see http://www.licorn-research.fr/Boissy.html), and in a research group of the consortium CAHIER, dedicated to computer-assisted literary analysis. Since April 2016, she is the Chair of the COST Action CA15137.



Data informed research evaluation: challenges of data collection and data standardisation in the SSH

Evaluation has always been perceived as a difficult area for the SSH for a number of reasons. One of the problems is the fact that the most common procedures have been fine-tuned to the so-called hard sciences and as such are ill adapted the SSH disciplines. While abundant information exists about research practices, disciplinary biases and dissemination traditions in STEM fields, the situation is at least contrasted between Nordic and Southern countries with regards to the monitoring of the research production/outputs in SSH disciplines.

This presentation will briefly introduce the COST Action CA15137, dedicated to the creation of a network of evaluators for the SSH disciplines, then will focus on the needs and the challenges of data collection for an informed peer evaluation of the SSH.


You can find the full Winter School bibliography on Zotero.

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