Speaker presentation | Nicolas Larrousse

We have the pleasure to announce the presence of Nicolas Larrousse for the Winter School Session 09 Infrastructures



Nicolas Larrousse is head of the long term archiving department at Huma-Num, a French infrastructure which aims to provide services to researchers in social sciences and humanities. He is particularly focused on interoperability and is involved in European infrastructures and projects. Huma-Num is promoting collaboration and providing services to manage, enrich and expose research data through a wide network of partners and consortia. Huma-Num is the National Coordinating institution of DARIAH European infrastructure for France and is involved in H2020 European projects.



Research Data Dissemination And Preservation: A Vision From Huma-Num, A French Infrastructure Dedicated To Humanities

In the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, the production of digital or scanned data has increased considerably in recent years. These data, which are usually very expensive to produce, are often lost at the end of the project. They are therefore rarely reused, due to a lack of financial, human and technical resources of the communities that produced them.
This talk will present the general approach, both technical and educational, used by Huma-Num infrastructure to address these issues.

You can find the full Winter School bibliography on Zotero.

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