Speaker presentation | Julien Bordier

We have the pleasure to announce the presence of Julien Bordier for the Winter School Session 05 Evaluation, acknowledgement and credit circulation



Julien Bordier, sociology PhD, independent scholar, editorial adviser, works on public-space issues. He conducted the open peer review experiment for OpenEdition / Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte.



Open peer review & Open commentary: about an experiment

For five months, the OA journal Vertigo experimented both open peer review and open commentary devices within its scientific blog. While the first consisted strictly in opening a classical pre-publication review process, the second was inviting the whole “ scientific community” to comment pre-publications in order to improve them before submission. In both of the two devices, every reviews, comments and annotations are accessible to everyone online, as the authors, reviewers and commentators names. The sociologist in charge of this project will present the details of the experiment, its main results – need of human mediation, technical possibilities and limitations – and will try to raise the questions and potentialities issued by new forms of reviewing in academic publishing.


More about Vertigo experimenting open peer review

An exhaustive presentation of the experiment, its results, and few bibliographical leads, are available in English on HAL, titled : “Open peer review: from an experiment to a model.” https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01302597

Vertigo, la revue électronique en sciences de l’environnement : https://vertigo.revues.org

Vertigo’s blog : http://vertigo.hypotheses.org

Experiments’ URL : http://vertigo.hypotheses.org/evaluations-et-commentaires-ouverts

Annotation tool: https://hypothes.is/



Find the full Winter School bibliography on Zotero.

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