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We have the pleasure to announce the presence of Joachim Schöpfel for the Winter School Session 01 Introduction


Joachim Schöpfel is director of the French National Centre for the Reproduction of Theses (ANRT) and scientist in information and communication sciences at the University of Lille (France). From 1999 to 2008, he was head of the library and document delivery of INIST (CNRS). He holds a PhD in Psychology of the University of Hamburg (Germany). He has signed several publications and communications on scientific information, documentation and job development, see CiteULike and the French national LIS repository. He is member of the editorial board, peer reviewer and evaluator of different journals, collections and organizations (Interlending & Document Supply, Library Review, Canadian Journal of Library and Information Sciences, International Information and Library Review, Documentaliste Sciences de l’Information, Scientometrics, European Science Foundation, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, AERES, etc.).

His research interests are related to open access, grey literature, ETDs, open data, scientific communication and library development. He is member of the GERiiCO laboratory on information and communication sciences (Lille), the Council for Documentary Information of the Free University of Brussels, the International Advisory Board of the Project COUNTER and the program committee of different conference series. He has taught psychology, education and information sciences at the universities of Hamburg, Nancy, Lille, Cologne (University of Applied Sciences) and Ljubljana. You can view his full profile on LinkedIn.



The presentation will investigate the relationship between data and text in different document types, in social sciences and humanities. It will introduce different categories and types of research data, make the link with research fields and methods, and add some comments about differences between SS&H and STM. It will also question the future of the distinction between documents and data, in the environment of content mining.
Other issues will be addressed for further discussion: sharing and reusage of data; impact and evaluation of data; the link between document, data life cycle and the research process; identification, curation and preservation; last not least the function of data in the new context of open science. What is data? What is NOT data? What is functional and dysfunctional in the field of data management and data publishing? May be that at the end there are more open questions than answers. Yet, this is this just the beginning, and we’ll have a whole week together to explore the field and improve our understanding.


Selected bibliography

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You can follow him on twitter @schopfel and find the full Winter School bibliography on Zotero.


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